3 Signs It Is Time to Change Your Product Designer Tool!

The initial days of online selling space were quite simple. Add the products you want the customers to buy from you,3 Signs It Is Time to Change Your Product Designer Tool! Articles display them on your website and start selling. Things underwent a drastic change when the concept of product customization came into being. Ecommerce became “MeCommerce” and people started demanding for made to order products. The ones that go with their personality, lifestyle, and choices. And to give in to these demands, several business owners started investing into online product design tool.

So, what was the aftermath of jumping into this bandwagon? Well, just like every other instance of installing a wrong software! The product designer tools did not live up to the promises they made. Business owners started experiencing customer complains and cart abandonments. And of course, there was an immediate impact on sales. If you are experiencing something similar or are ignorant of using wrong software, know about the 3 signs that reveal it is time to change your web-to-print software. So, here we go:

Inefficient personalization options

Customers can experience real fun with personalization when they can design their own products using different styles, designs, and color combinations. For example, if they are making a diary in green color, you cannot just provide them with one hue of green. You need to offer them with a whole palette of shades in different colors. Also, there must be a facility for them to add their own pictures and text.

Now, this might sound easy but implementing customer’s design and mvp strategy making the final product can get complicated if not handled efficiently. If your frontend is not user-friendly, your customers, might find it difficult to design and you might face cart abandonments. Also, add a video for your customers so that they know how to design and can go about doing it easily.

Lack of Search Bar

Let us say your HTML5 online product designer provides an array of options. And very proudly, you might promote it to your customers for all the features it provides. But when the customers come to your website for designing their personalized product, they cannot understand from where to begin and which option to use. Some old customers also might also come again looking for a feature and might not be able to find it.

How do you handle the above-mentioned issues? Of course, by providing your visitors with a search bar. Using it, your customers can search for a particular option. Say “object positioning” for example. Thereafter, it becomes easier for them to design the product of their choice using your tool. It sounds like a simple facility to give but is sure to give you fruitful results!

File Incompatibility Issues

Last, but not the least, this turns out to be the biggest problem amongst several ecommerce store owners. A customer creates a print ready file and uploads it on your store. Once they place an order, you try to download the file and realize that it is not compatible with your print facility. During such times, the only resort left is to ask your customers to resend the file in another format.

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